About The Office

The Office is a coworking space upstairs at Ada’s Technical Books. We started Ada’s to help “geeks find the knowledge they seek.” And now we’ve created a place for the work experience they seek.

A coworking space is your spot to feel productive, and feel in your element with others like you. People like start-ups, entrepreneurs, and creatives – whose favorite question is, “what are you working on?”

Because we get it. You’re working on what’s “next.” We work up here, too. And we get inspired working alongside people with a vision.

So The Office offers short & long term work stations with reliable wi-fi, conference rooms, and food and coffee just one floor down at Ada’s Cafe. We’ll also be sharing how to get work done and even grow a creative business as smart as you are.

Because The Office was designed to be the kind of space that inspires us to work and connect. And we don’t just mean with the wi-fi… but with each other.

The Office at Adas